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Music; it’s been around for centuries. Even back in the caveman days, there was probably little time between eating, sleeping and guarding each other to have any music. However, since then, people have made up and had music for a long time.

Florists; I think have a pretty nice job. I don’t doubt there are hard parts of the job, though. There are things to do like arranging flowers just right or having the right flower for a customers when they’re looking to order flowers online. Other than that, I’m sure it is great working with nature to satisfy customers.

Florists can use music to inspire their customers. This makes a lot of sense since someone going to a flower shop, or florist can be feeling any number of ways; happy, sad, angry and excited. Sometimes they are sad because they need a bouquet of flowers for a funeral or another sad occasion. Listening to music while you pick flowers for an occasion can be helpful. Music can be put you in a better mood almost all the time.

It’s even been proven that music can be and is a type of therapy. That’s right, therapy. You didn’t hear me wrong, you, in fact, heard me right. Music therapy can help people reach their goals and improve their health. This health improvement can be physical and mental; sometimes spiritual too. It’s great when you find something that works to improve your life, no matter what it is.

Back to the flowers and music and them influencing each other part. It’s proven to be possible that music can and does influence what you buy if you buy anything at all from the store. Music can be and often is, very powerful. Not many people fully realize what music can truly do for you. Music influences almost everything we do. I sometimes know when I’m not motivated to do something, then I put on a song I like, and I am motivated again. Sometimes when things are not fun, I turn on a song that’s fast, then things are fun pretty much immediately when the song comes on.

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Music is a part of daily human life and probably has been since humanity first became conscious. However, in our modern day, most of us are exposed to it in our daily lives whether it’s through our vehicle’s radio, iPods, through speakers in retail stores, elevators or computers. Why music has such a profound effect on our psyche is not well explained scientifically. However, it is clear that music does profoundly affect our mood. People engaged in aerobic exercise, for example, often listen to music with fast-paced tempo to increase their pace, which encourages an increase in the number of calories burned. That being said, it is little wonder that music with positive notes can encourage an increase in production of work activity.

First, at work, music has been known to help make repetitive tasks less boring. A series of studies have been done on this, and it has been found that assembly line workers, for example, showed an increase in elevated moods, which in turn increased their effectiveness at the productivity. Some more recent studies argue that it isn’t the music itself that causes this increase but rather the elevated mood from the recognition of a favorite type of music. Music with disharmonious tones also didn’t show a significance in a productivity increase.

In a noisy work environment, headphones can actually be beneficial. This has especially been found to be so when there’s no private room, such as a lounge, to escape to. A study done with this found that those who listened to music, on average, came up with better ideas and completed tasks at a more rapid pace than those who didn’t.

As far as music with lyrics is concerned, it has been found to be beneficial for physical tasks or tasks that don’t require a high amount of immersion. For intensive tasks that require an almost total amount of immersion, lyrics have often found to be too distracting. Lastly, keeping the volume at a moderate to low level has been found to be best at a loud volume is often distracting and immersing in of itself.